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T&B® Cable Tray Super-Duty Splice Plate™ Reduces Number of Required Structural Supports

Reduce installation costs for cable tray expansion splicing with the new T&B® Cable Tray Super-Duty Splice Plate™. This new solution eliminates the need for additional support at the expansion joint that NEMA would otherwise recommend.

The new ultra-robust Super-Duty Splice Plate™ allows cost-efficient expansion byreducing the need for structural supports. It can also be used for sturdy mid-spansplicing. Engineers, end users and contractors benefit from significant cost reductionswithout sacrificing quality or structural integrity.

  • Enables the use of less NEMA-recommended structural supports at the expansion joint, significantly reducing project material and labor costs
  • Unique, reinforced design eliminates the need to drill and install additional hardware on the flange, saving time during installation
  • Nylon washers make movement easier and reduce friction. No lubrication of the side rail required during installation or maintenance.

For maximum job site flexibility, the Super-Duty Splice Plate™ can also be used for mid-span splicing.

  • Extra-wide (13”/330mm)  high-strength, heat-treated aluminum
  • Unique design maximizes rigidity, resistance and overall strength
  • Tested and rated for 6” (152.4mm) aluminum side rails, Series AH36-AH66
  • Nylon washers make movement easier and reduce friction
  • No hardware required for installation on flange
  • Allows for true contraction/expansion under full loads
  • No lubrication of the side rail required during installation or maintenance
  • Plate is pre-drilled for both expansion and mid-span applications
  • Supplied with all hardware required for both types of installation